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Hanging with Marky Ramone at Trash & Vaudeville 

I recently got a chance to hang out with Marky Ramone at my favorite NYC clothes shop: Trash & Vaudeville-managed and run by my good friend Jimmy Webb (see below Marky's picture)- on St. Mark's Place. Marky even gave me a jar of his own tomato sauce, directly out of his car trunk. Super nice dude.


NYC Hang with Eagles of Death Metal 

It's been a few years since I've seen my homies, Eagles of Death Metal. (Claude Coleman is playing drums for them now, so I'll probably be seeing a lot more of them in the future.) They were opening for the Afghan Wigs at Terminal 5.

I have to admit, it's always a pleasure speaking to lead singer Jesse Hughes. Topics can range from the 2012 Presidential Debate, to "what ever happened to the cast of "Monster Squad?" Talk about diversity, lol.

My daughter Chloe with Jesse.


The 6 Year Tattoo 

Special thanks to my man, Adam Paterson, over at Jersey City Tattoo Company. With my crazy ass schedule, we managed to finally finish my sleeve. Was certainly worth the time.

The Worst Job You Ever Had 

Mine was washing dishes at Friendly's in the Short Hills Mall when I was about 17. The manager had yelled at me for being slow, so I decided to split without telling anyone. He didn't realize I was gone until 5000 dishes later and he ended up being the dishwasher for the rest of the day.

My Acting Debut For Claude Coleman Jr.'s "BackDown" 

Well, if you want to call it acting. This video was just released but was filmed 4 years ago at the legendary John and Peter's in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Besides the woman's leg, I'm the only human in the video. (I had to represent my boys-and my city-with the Jersey City Tattoo Company t-shirt.)
BackDown was inspired by Jesse "Boots Electric" Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal when Claude Coleman Jr. (of Ween) first started touring with them. I've played this song on tour all across America for over 5 or 6 years, so I had a blast playing the bouncer in the video.


I Think someone switched the signs around. The left side looks more like the realistic road to success.

DIRT? Really?! 

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the park with my 10 year old daughter and she was playing with her friends by a big tree in a shaded area. My friend's daughter-who is also 10- was having fun playing in the dry dirt. My friend went ballistic!

"GET OUT OF THE DIRT! You're gonna get dirt in your lungs! It's not good for you and you'll get sick!"
Meanwhile all the other kids were having fun being kids, doing kid stuff. (And by the way, this kid was not throwing dirt or anything. She was just gently playing with it in an exploratory kind of way, not getting her clothes dirty.)

I just looked at this chick and was like, "DIRT? REALLY? Your child lives in Jersey f@#king City and you're worried about dry dirt in the park?!" My whole childhood consisted of playing in the dirt, AND IT WAS GOOD FOR ME!!!!!

Parents, do not baby your kids. Give them love, attention, and guidance- but do not coddle them, or make them little crybabies. One day your child will become an adult and have to face the real world on their own and will not be physically or emotionally equipped to handle reality.

There is a lot more than "dirt" out there that your kids will have to face when they become an adult. It is your job to prepare them for the good AND the bad.

DIRT!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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